Jake and Hudson is a comedy web show on YouTube created by Hayden Westerfield starring Hayden Westerfield, Farzad JinJi, and Amelia Black. The show follows the lives of Jake and Hudson as they become famous on the internet and work on their Splash Face account.

About our show

Two friends, Jake & Hudson, have to move to San Fransisco because their Splash Face account was shut down, they are forced to adjust to their new life style. During the first season Jake and Hudson work on making their Splash Face account popular again. Jarline Madison (the girl that got their account shut down) moves next door to Jake and Hudson and works to start her account as well. Eventually, they decide to send in an application for a Splash Face Red show in the season 1 finale, "#SplashFaceRed", this transitions into the second season.

Season 2 begins with Jake and Hudson returning from filming the first season of their Splash Face Red show: Room 4-1, this leads to some backlash from the fans as they do not love the show. However, Jake and Hudson still get offered to make a second season of their show. Towards the end of the second season, Holden Cooper attempts to hold Jake and Hudson hostage and get his revenge. Jarline Madison also returns and ends up almost getting murdered, and she moves to LA, and does not return in the third season.

Season 3 introduces a new character, Xander Cooper, an old Splash Face friend of Jake and Hudson. Xander offers Jake and Hudson an job position at a new company he is starting: FairGround. Jake and Hudson also make the decision to re-model their apartment.

Season 3 continues to find a growing feud between Jake and Hudson and characters to return in a build up to the final episodes. Yet another Splash Face friend is introduced: Crash Mendez as a prankster who temporarily move in with Jake and Hudson in #Mermando. Then more information is revealed about Xander in #CompanyTies.



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